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About Swim Back to Me

“I skim the vinyl like a catfish, my body brushing the ground. Only here does the silent weight of water drown out the thoughts. When I can’t hold my breath anymore, I ascend.

Breathless but more settled, I float and stare up at the sky, then close my eyes and let the sun beat down on my lids.

If I can just stay here like this, suspended, floating, maybe the water will lull me back to sleep.”

gae polisnerBy all appearances, forty-something Norah Merrill has a perfect family life in the quiet suburbs of Long Island. Beneath the surface, however, discontent brews. Spurred on by her witness of her best friend’s newfound marital freedom, as well as her own daughter’s burgeoning sexuality, Norah embarks down a slippery path.

As 15-yr old Cassie immerses herself in the excitement of first love, Norah cautions herself to be vigilant: “I am the mother, the role model; the tour guide, not the traveler.” But, when her son, Henry, is drafted by a new fall coach, what begins as a harmless exchange of flirtatious emails quickly escalates into a lustful, exhilarating affair of words. And when words turn to action, Norah gets lost in the thrill of being the traveler once again.

With intimate, honest prose, Swim Back to Me follows one woman’s quest to find passion and excitement – to remain a traveler in her life – without destroying those who need her, in the wake. It is a brave portrayal of the unique and often precarious relationship between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, and of what it means to be a woman and wife in a world where individual desires have changed, yet expected roles remain the same.

About The Jetty

"Maybe to others I am asleep. Face down, heels upward, baking in the sun. Maybe to others I am oblivious to the sun shifting, the surf kicking up, the sound of Aden’s small voice drifting toward me in half-audible squeals.

But, I am not asleep. Half-comatose maybe, but fully alert, ready to spring up and dash down the beach into the waves should the need arise. I am trying to rest. I am sleeping like a mother does."

The Jetty is the story of a day-in-the-life of Rachel Glass, a restless young wife and mother, whose brief “escape” from her husband and two-year-old-son – a walk down a Long Island beach – kicks up painful memories like sand, leading Rachel into an unspeakable act of lust and desperation. It's a transgression woven into the recollections of Rachel's life, which return to her with the clarity of a fever-dream: her love-hate friendship with a troubled woman named Joanie; a history of thrilling lovers who widen a gap between reality and expectation; and the mystery of her in-laws, Ruth and Harvey Glass, a blandly-bumbling couple, each with a complex past surprisingly unknown. As long buried secrets reveal themselves, they threaten Rachel's view of her life and marriage, but in the end, may be justbottom2the thing to lead her home.

Trying to Stay Afloat in a Sea of Words

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