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WHERE GAE WILL BE (updated periodically)

May 18                          Suffolk School Library Media Association Annual Dinner, Keynote with Kat Yeh

May 20                          nErDcampNJ

May 22                          Port Richmond HS, Staten Island. School-wide book club

June 2                           IN SIGHT OF STARS cover reveal, Nerdy Book Club

July 10 -11                     nErDcampMI

July 20, 5:30 pm         Creative Writing Intensive South Huntington Public Library

September 10, 2 pm    One Read THE MEMORY OF THINGS book discussion, Lindenhurst Public Library

November 4                  nErDcampLI, Boyd Intermediate School, Huntington, NY



Gae loves to do school & book club visits in-person or via Skype. For more information and how to setup an author visit, please email Gae directly at

Based on an epiphany Gae had at an author panel she was recently on, Gae is offering the following new in-person or Skype visit to teachers and/or students, in addition to her book-specific visits and general writing visits:

Engage your teachers and/or students in a lively conversation with Gae Polisner, author of THE MEMORY OF THINGS, about how we gain empathy through the reading and writing of historical fiction.  

In the current political climate we live in, Gae has been keenly aware of the need to instill empathy on a broad scale in our classrooms and in our country. As authors, we often speak to educators about reading historical fiction to build empathy in students, but the empathy and understanding authors gain by writing their stories — creating character and story set during historical periods — can often seem tenfold. Why don’t we have students writing historical fiction stemming from research-based learning, rather than having them regurgitate back facts and dates learned in a less empathy-building manner? Have Gae come speak to your educators and/or students about this important topic that readily weds the Social Studies and English curricula in your schools and share how to get started.  

If you are interested in bringing Gae into your school or classroom to engage teachers and students with this idea, you may reach her through her contact information here or through twitter @gaepol.  



Teachers and educators share thoughts on THE MEMORY OF THINGS:

Paul W. Hankins, Wonderopolis and Nerdy Book Club educator at These 4 Corners: When Readers Find the Books Seeking Them.

The Nerdy Book Club, On A Stark Anniversary, Connecting Readers with their History through Story.

The Nerdy Bookcast, courtesy of Teacher Learning Sessions, available on iTunes. 9/11/16 Three Part Launch with Nora Baskin, Gae Polisner and Jewell Parker Rhodes. 

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